Thousand-year superior riceshoot Dai’s soft rice

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Characteristics of place of origin
Its annual sunshine duration is over 2,200h and frost-free period over 330 days (reduce rice energy loss).

Daily mean temperature difference is 22℃ and average temperature is 18.7℃ (better photosynthesis promotes growth of rice nutrient organics).

The natural environment is friendly, soil organic matter content is high and forest coverage rate all over the prefecture reaches 78%.

Benefiting from tropical monsoon climate, its land has abundant rainfall and ecological water irrigation.

Product features

Authentic: selected rice seed, non-GMO rice, production and marketing in same place.

Ecological plantation: restore ecological plantation, select good production place, plant in traditional method, take good care of each rice, extirpate weed by hand and eradicate insects in physical method, and complete rounds of selection at processing plant.

Quality tracing, triple quality inspection: hygiene quality inspection at plan, delivery product quality inspection and producer's (CGTG) supervision.

The rice features in natural gloss, fragrant aftertaste; non-polished  rice, bright color and sweet taste.

Product parameters

Thousand-year superior riceshoot  Dai’s soft rice: 

Specification: 5KG

Ingredient: Long-grain rice (Xiangwen rice)

Place of origin: Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Provincequality.

Product features: short and round grain shape, sweet fragrance, special rice fragrance when cooked, sticky rice, soft and glutinous taste, rich vitamins, milk-like appearance when cooked as congee, gloss and fragrance when steamed as rice, and natural and smooth flavor.

Characteristic “Xiangwen rice” in south Yunnan is superior new Indica rice with whole growing period of 145-150 days. It is grown in Indica growing region at an elevation < 1,550m. For this kind of Indica rice, even coarse rice can give fragrance and aromatic flavor when being cooked and eaten, hence it is classified into completely aromatic rice.


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